About Us

How this project began

This mini-project was spawned after Scarlette spent a long afternoon in lab struggling to identify sediment grains (allochems) from a sample she collected in the Bahamas. Was it an encrusting foraminifera or was it a bryozoan? She was digging through various peer-reviewed journal articles sent to her by a professor when she became sidetracked by the thought of how exclusive academic work can be. The idea that such interesting and exciting research would only be shared between a handful of people made her reconsider the role of a scientist. To her, this role has now grown to include improving the communication between the scientists and the rest of the community.

Afterall, we're all in this together on this little blue dot, aren't we?

Scarlette Hsia

PhD Candidate in Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin

Scarlette studies evidence of paleo-sea level changes through sedimentary characterization and mapping of carbonate deposits across the Bahamas. She is interested in communicating to general public audiences and K-12 students to encourage more understanding and appreciation of scientific processes that occur on Earth. She hopes that by bridging the information gap between academia and the public, we can move forward together to make informed policy decisions.

In addition to her PhD research and creating/managing this website, she is an outdoors enthusiast and chooses to scuba dive, boulder, and run in her spare time.